Industry Impact Hub

Industry Impact Hub 2019-06-13T10:07:39+10:00

Telco Together’s Industry Impact Hub brings the telecommunications industry together to establish collaborative industry approaches to issues confronting our community.

Through the Industry Impact Hub we will:

  • Create projects that build on the industry’s strengths of technology, reach and resources.
  • Identify approaches that benefit from industry wide involvement and can be scaled to support the wider community.
  • Work with members to deliver tangible and measurable outcomes.
  • Seek opportunities for greater engagement between the industry and the non-profit sector.

Domestic and Family Violence and Modern Slavery have been identified by members as the focus for collective action in 2019.

These issues are now the focus of two Roundtables that aim to build knowledge, progress industry action, and ultimately lead to the implementation of practical approaches to create positive social change.

Domestic and Family Violence

In Australia, one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner and one in four children are exposed to domestic violence. (Our Watch 2017) This issue has become so prevalent that most Australians will experience it directly or indirectly in their lifetime.

Members are keen to share information, identify any gaps that could limit progress in adopting industry standards to protect their employees and customers impacted by Domestic and Family Violence (DFV). They are looking to proactively implement measures to reduce the incidents and causes of DFV in Australia.

Modern Slavery

The Commonwealth Government recently introduced the Modern Slavery Act, which requires businesses to identify and respond to the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.

The introduction of the Act provides a timely opportunity for industry wide collaboration to increase awareness, drive change and make an impact on the pervasive crime that is international slavery.