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At Telco Together, we know that ICT (Information & Communications Technology) can be a tricky area for non-profits, who may not have their own dedicated ICT staff. To help solve some of the smaller issues charities face, we run Skills Exchange events in Melbourne and Sydney.

These events give non-profits the opportunity to get free advice from skilled volunteers on any communications technology challenge they are facing. It’s a unique opportunity for charities to get access to IT professionals, who donate up to two days of their time to help charities.

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Upcoming Events

Skills Exchange: Melbourne November 2018
Date: Thursday November 1st, 2018
Time: (5:00pm registration)
5:30pm  – 7:30pm
Venue: Cisco Systems
Level 11
101 Collins Street
Cost: Free
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Please note, if you would like to pitch at the Skills Exchange, you will need to both register for the event and fill out the Application to Pitch below.

Common IT Issues

Some of the problems presented by charities at recent events have included:

  • Cloud storage
  • Database management and data integrity
  • Website set up and maintenance
  • Google AdWords and Analytics
  • CRM systems, Salesforce
  • Donor management systems
  • Image digitisation
  • Cyber security

How It Works

The Skills Exchange are “match-making” events, where charities pitch their problem to a roomful of keen specialists. Telco Together support charities throughout the entire process. We will help you define your technical problem, and assist you to create your pitch. After the event, we will provide you with support to maximise the potential for your problems to be resolved by your volunteer.

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