The Telco Together Foundation is a member-based charity and is backed by Australia’s most charitable telecommunications service providers. We work to unite the corporate social responsibility of the industry while ensuring corporate membership fees cover any running costs so that 100% of all fundraising or volunteering contributions can be used to support young Australians directly.

But whether you’re a telco employee or customer, or just want to get behind our cause of building resilient young Australians there are many ways to get involved!

The education and mental health of young people has always inspired Australians to give, particularly during times of widespread adversity. Most of us have been affected by recent events, but if you are in a position to give then here’s a couple of ways you can get involved today.

*Please note some opportunities may be strictly available to members only.

We need volunteer mentors just like you!

Many young people around the country lack the supportive networks needed to help them recognise their potential and prepare them for the future of work – that’s where Beacon Foundation’s MyRoad comes in.

Launched in 2016, MyRoad is an online initiative that connects young people with skilled volunteers across the country via video chat with the purpose of easing their transition into meaningful employment.

As an online volunteer mentor, you’ll receive some self-led training and the necessary tech support required to connect virtually with secondary school students looking to develop their self-esteem, problem-solving, decision making and general life skills.

Register below for more details.

Join the #5w2w challenge and help us promote positive wellbeing practices to your employees and customers alike!

There’s no better time than now to focus on your personal wellbeing so every Tuesday, we’ll share a wellbeing challenge that everyone can get involved with remotely.

Whether you’re still heading into work or like many of us, you’re now working remotely – the demands of everyday life should not be underestimated and the need for managing your overall wellbeing is important.

Register below to learn more about how you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing, become more spiritually aware or connected and live a life with greater purpose.

Register for Skills Exchange

Donate 1-2 days of your professional skills and help build the capacity of the charity sector

Learn about workplace giving

Donate to charity from your pre-tax salary

Volunteer or fundraise

Get your organisation and workmates involved in team volunteering or hold a fundraiser

Membership benefits

Join the Telco Together Foundation and leverage our projects as part of your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach

Learn about workplace giving

Implement an organisation wide workplace giving program to enable employees to easily donate to charity from their pre-tax salary


Learn how Telco Together can help your organisation implement a fundraising event

            Register for Skills Exchange Events and Support

            Pitch your IT problem to get assistance from technical specialist volunteers

Learn about Text Giving

            Discover how your non-profit organisation can increase donations through mobile giving

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            Better understand the power of mobile technologies to help your non-profit

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