Technology The Focus For Skills Exchange Program

Technology The Focus For Skills Exchange Program

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Telco Together has launched The Skills Exchange, a series of events designed to support charities in their understanding and use of communications technology, through a facilitated exchange between technology specialists and Australian charities.

The Skills Exchange was created in response to two key factors, the first being a growing demand for skilled volunteering opportunities by corporate volunteers wanting to give back. In addition to this, Telco Together’s 2015 Charity Insights research program also demonstrated an important area of need by charities for greater short-term skilled volunteering in a range areas relating to communications technology.

“This program is essentially a place for charities and skilled tech specialists to come together in a facilitated environment to solve problems. It aims to increase capabilities around the use of technology by charities, while raising the awareness of skilled specialists about the types of technology related challenges many charities face daily,” said Renee Bowker, CEO of Telco Together Foundation.

The format of Skills Exchange events will involve participating charities pitching their technology problem to a room of skilled specialists. Each charity will then be matched with a skilled specialist who has committed to two days of corporate volunteering leave to help the charity resolve the problem.  
The Skills Exchange will officially kick-off in Sydney on July 4th 2017, with further events to be held in both Sydney and Melbourne.  Registrations are now open to interested charities, click here to register.

“We’re asking for both charities and skilled technology specialists to register their interest in taking part. All participants will be fully supported throughout the entire process, starting with assistance for charities in pitching their problem, through to post-event support to maximise the final outcome,” said Ms Bowker. 

This pitching style of event was trialled with a number of charities and skilled specialists in 2016 and has been refined to ensure a beneficial outcome is achieved for both charities and skilled specialists keen to use their time to help make a difference.

Some examples of technology related problems charities may face could include getting advice on areas such as database design & management, network troubleshooting, management reporting & software, cloud & hosted services, and more.  

  • Telco Together is now asking for charities with technology problems to register their interest for the Skills Exchange event series before June 2 2017. 

  • Telco Together would also like to hear from skilled professionals working in the areas of information and communications technology who would like to learn more about this skilled volunteering opportunity. If you are a skilled professional, please click here to register

The Skills Exchange program will also incorporate a stream-based approach in future, where small groups of charities are able to explore a particular topic in more depth over a series of sessions.

Click here to learn more about The Skills Exchange

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