Spend A Week With Red Dust Helping Indigenous Kids

As a supporter of Red Dust Role Models, Telco Together is sometimes offered rare opportunities for volunteers to visit a remote Indigenous community.  We currently have two spots available and are offering these spots to our generous supporters from previous Commander dealer events. We will give both spots to the one applicant, so that two people can experience it together.

 This opportunity could be used as a very unique employee reward for community minded offices or by you and a colleague to see for yourself how your donations are making a difference to Indigenous kids.

To express your interest, simply CLICK HERE to complete a few questions.

Proposed itinerary

Sunday 17th September - Saturday 23rd September 2017

        • Day 1: Fly to Darwin on Sunday 17th September  - overnight in hotel in Darwin
        • Day 2: Pack up the 4WD for a 3 hour drive to Daly River
          This is where you will be for 5 days helping out and interacting with the kids at the local school.
          Accommodation will be very simple and all volunteers work together to prepare meals, (all food is provided for).
        • Day 5 & 6: You may get the opportunity to camp out under the stars with the Elders on your final evening before returning to Darwin hotel for your final evening.
        • Day 7: Fly home from Darwin.

*Flights, accommodation and meals included

What You Will Do

If successful, you will visit the remote Indigenous community of Daly River led by experienced Red Dust program to engage with Indigenous children aged 4-12 years of age, by delivering healthy living programs and playing sport.

Each day generally involves 2-3 hours of class immersion with students,  led by experienced Red Dust representatives, and volunteers are there to support. You can also get involved with sport and music programs that the kids participate in as part of the Healthy Living education program.

This is an extremely valuable cultural exchange opportunity and it is something you will always remember and cherish.  Through your assistance, you will not only be having a direct impact to keeping Indigenous children healthy, but you will also work as catalyst for discussion with your colleagues on the clear disadvantage of Australia's Indigenous community.

Why These Programs Are Important.

Health, education and closing the cultural divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia are key focus areas of our work with Indigenous communities.

Some Indigenous Health Facts

  • Indigenous lifespan is 17 years shorter than the national average.
  • Indigenous infant mortality rates are nearly three times higher than non-Indigenous babies.
  • The rate of diabetes in Indigenous children is six times higher than non-Indigenous children.
  • 36% of people in remote communities have access to a library.
  • 29% have a school up to year 10.
  • 10% of Aboriginal children graduate from year 12.
  • In the Northern Territory, one in five children living in very remoteIndigenous communities read at the accepted minimum standard.
  • By Year 7, just 15% achieve this benchmark, 47 percentage points behind theirurban Indigenous peers, and 74% less than non-Indigenous students.


If you have any questions about the experience, contact Cam Foley E: cam@telcotogether.org.au  / T: (03) 9923 3506.

We will advise you by August 28th if you are in!