Having Trouble Thinking Of A Challenge For Question 1?

The first question in the survey is the hardest as it sets the scene for the following questions.

Below are some examples of the kind of challenges some non-profits have talked about. Remember, your challenges are unique, so you can tell us about absolutely any work related challenge you have. In terms of detail required, the simpler the better, around 25-50 words is enough.

You can also tell us multiple challenges by taking the survey multiple times, as most of us do face various challenges on a day-to-day basis. 

 Examples of Challenges

  • Personal Development: 

    I’m starting to do more outreach and would like support on public speaking 

  • Strategic Advice

    We need advice in developing new strategic markets for our educational materials
  • Stakeholder Management:

    I need advice on how to manage the conflicting interest of multiple stakeholders across projects
  • Legal Expertise: 

    We’re looking to develop a series of service provider contracts and legal advice is required

  • Online Marketing: 

    We want to build and engage our community of supporters through online mediums

  • Fund Raising:

     Ongoing issues about fund raising are exemplified when government funding cuts affect programs. We need advice on managing this uncertain environment.

  • Marketing Plan:

    I need a fundraising and marketing plan written that includes advice on strategic implementation

  • IT Support:

    I need help de-bugging my computer as I have problems opening different software programs and my PC runs very slowly.

If you have any questions, let us know by contacting Maria Simonelli:
E: maria@telcotogether.org.au
T: (03)