Charity Insights Survey - Frequently Asked Questions 

Will my responses be kept confidential?
Yes all responses are confidential and remain anonymous.

What do I do if I get stuck on a survey question? 
Respond to the questions as well as you can. They are designed to tease out what circumstances may be at play in the challenge you described. If you’re not sure of the question or its relevance, then tick the not applicable (NA) box.

Can I change my story or responses?
Yes, you can move between the survey questions and edit your responses by using the arrows at the bottom of the page, before saving your narrative. 

How recent should my story be?
The stories/narratives can be from any time while working in your current organisation. If you feel that it is still a relevant challenge then we want to hear about it. 

Can I submit more than one story?
Yes, we encourage you to undertake the survey as many times as you wish and share your range of various challenges through the tool. 

How do I move the dots in the coloured triangles?
To move the dots, use your mouse to drag the white dot to the area within the triangle that best reflects the situation. You will note that the dot turns blue when you have moved it. 

How long will the survey take?
Around 10-15 minutes. Once you’ve described the story / narrative, the next 12 questions do not take long. 

When does the survey period start and end?
The first stage of the survey will be available from March to late May 2015. 

What is the aim of this charity research project?
The Charity Research Project will create a meaningful view of the common issues and challenges faced by the not-for-profit sector within Australia, in order to help inform future programs to be developed by the Foundation. 

What are the Project’s Objectives?
• Consult a wide range of charities, charity peak bodies and non-profit organisations to gather data on key pain-points in the delivery of their services
• Identify the common issues that are experienced most widely across surveyed charities
• Use the project findings, engage the sector further to explore solutions to these identified issues 

Why do we need this research?
The existing research regarding not-for-profit sectors challenges has been limited in terms of helping to inform where the Foundation should focus its strategic and funding attention. 
To date it has either focused specifically on the adoption and use of communications technology, or more broadly on general issues, such as access to funding.  

Who is this survey aimed at? 
We want input from anyone working in the non-profit sector, particularly charities and peak bodies representing the non-profit industry. 

Who should do the survey in my organisation?
All staff from administration, operations, HR, project officer, management, support, finance, fundraising , research and field staff etc. are all welcome and encouraged to participate.
We also encourage Board members, donors, funders and volunteers to also contribute their unique perspectives to this research.

How big should the non-profit organisation be?
We encourage any sized non-profit organisation to participate and contribute to the research. 

How will the Charity Research Project operate?
The research tool we are using is called SenseMaker, an innovative and cutting edge approach to giving voice to the issues that matter to people. It does this by recording stories, or narratives, that reflect lived experiences and challenges of the charity sector and helps to makes sense of these by distilling patterns and trends.

Where can I access the survey?
The survey can be accessed by clicking here 

How does SenseMaker work?

The research tool has been designed as a survey. In this short survey we’ll ask you for a narrative about a time when you could have benefited from some support or assistance and then ask some questions about that narrative. SenseMaker is designed to detect patterns amongst these stories or narratives by asking a series of additional questions.  

The 12 questions are asked as a series of multiple choice as well as triads (you’ll see these as coloured triangles) where you are asked to consider various aspects that provide more insight into the situation around the story. 
For more information on SenseMaker visit 

What will happen with results?
The first stage of the survey will collect responses until the end of May 2015. These responses will be analysed and discussed with our charity partners and other interested and invited organisations. A summary of the results will become available in late 2015. 
The analysis of the responses will support the entire sector by informing the next strategic planning phase of the Foundation. 

Who is the Telco Together Foundation?
Launched in July 2012, Telco Together Foundation is a registered charity that brings together the telecommunications industry in support of Australian communities in need across areas including Indigenous communities, the homeless, mental health and refugees.

The core focus of the Foundation’s work is the development of community projects that build on the technology, reach and capabilities of the telecommunications industry to support the wider not-for-profit sector, as well as promoting fundraising, volunteering and workplace giving across member organisations.  

Members of the Foundation include Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, NBN Co, M2, iiNet, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and 16 other ICT organisations. The Foundation is governed by an Advisory Board that has Executive Officer level representation from members.

Have a question that is not covered here? 

We would be delighted to answer any queries and receive your comments and feedback on the survey.

Maria Simonelli
Programs Manager
Telco Together Foundation
T; (03) 9923 3573